Nepalese tragedy: Thousands of youths returned to the box in ten years! Do not look like you do not see even more shares by writing #Rip. May the dead spirit find peace

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Kathmandu The dream of many young people forced to go abroad for work is to eradicate poverty. Each of them wants the same as flying in the sky, so that Hayes does not have to return to the wooden box.

However, many do not hear the plea of ​​God while struggling in a foreign land. Upon embracing death, he returns to a coffin he never wanted to live in, inanimate. Due to unemployment, the number of young people and the size of the trio is not small enough to accept this compulsion.

According to the Foreign Employment Promotion Board, the families of nearly 7,000 youths who have lost their lives abroad since their inception (2064) have received compensation. The government appears to have distributed financial assistance to the families of 6,790 workers who died during foreign employment in the last ten years. During this period, the number of deceased female laborers is 150 and that of men is 3,639.

It is estimated that the death toll is over 7,000 as the families of workers who died illegally abroad are not receiving any compensation from the government.

During this period, 1,202 persons who returned sick and mutilated during foreign employment received compensation. The board has provided compensation to the families of 2,152 deceased workers who have died in Malaysia since 2064.

Relief funds have also been provided to the families of 1 thousand 6 hundred and 37 who returned from Saudi to Kafin, 1 thousand 1 hundred 99 from Qatar, 485 from the UAE and 186 from Kuwait.

The families of those who returned from Bahrain77, 74 from South Korea, 20 from Lebanon, and two from Sri Lanka who lost their lives also understand the compensation.

The Board does not provide compensation for workers who have died illegally without labor clearance and if the worker exceeds the labor period. The worker does not have the same statistics board to return to death.

The board has so far rescued 105 persons and recovered the bodies of 206. He has transported 1 thousand 3 bodies and provided financial assistance to the 59 victims.

Minister for Labor and Employment Gokarna Bista informed that the department has spent Rs.1 Arab 56 crores 77 lakh 94 thousand’

The foreign welfare fund raised by foreign workers currently has a savings of Rs 4 Arab 50 crores . This year, it is allowed to reach Rs.5 Arab 78 crores

This year, the fund is estimated to cost Rs. 1 Arab 23 crores 75 lakh 50 thousand

The board has now increased the medical expenses incurred during the termination of workers going to foreign employment and the financial assistance provided to the family in case of death of the worker has increased from Rs.1 lakh 50 thousand to 7 lakh

Arrangements have been made to provide 5,0000 medical treatment costs to the family members of the workers in case of serious illness. The foreign employment of the workers insurance has been increased to Rs.15 lakh

A provision of health treatment insurance of Rs. 5 lakh has been made to cover three main diseases that can be applied to Nepali workers during foreign employment.

Minister Bista said that arrangements have been made to provide free legal immunity to Nepalese prisoners in various prisons during foreign employment and to bring the dead body of the deceased worker home and facilitate the carriage of the deceased to the deceased’s home.

The Ministry of Labor has also informed that various Nepalese embassies have been regularly budgeted for the protection of workers’ rights and for safe housekeeping.

What are the plans?

Now, a future strategy has been devised to put the board in management rather than promoting foreign employment.

It is now planned to bring financial assistance and other services provided by the Foreign Employment Promotion Board to the local level in coordination with the state level.

Minister Bista informed that if possible, there would be no expenditure on the Government Fund as it would establish and operate an employment information and skill development training center in each province.

He also said that targeted re-integration program will be formulated and implemented for returning workers who are facing problems during foreign employment through the board.

To coordinate and partner with local level, to pursue quality skills training programs, to conduct research abroad studies and to develop the board as a study center at the national level, and to serve as victim psychological counseling, financial literacy by targeting the manpower seeking entry into foreign employment or the domestic labor market. At the local level making the necessary arrangements to be made plans.

To make the private sector more responsible for foreign employment, formulate and implement special programs, revise foreign employment policy 2068, timely review and revision of foreign employment policy, formulate national action plan accordingly, revise policy, and implement five-year strategic plan based on suggestions received from various task forces. And formulate a work plan Re implementation of the strategy, including the Minister Bista said.

To take necessary initiatives for enhancing the capacity of Nepalese missions abroad and upgrading of safe houses, cooperate with the state and local level, collect data on Nepali workers who work in India and take initiative to implement the suggestions received immediately and Considering the state’s policies and programs in relation to foreign employment, coordination with the national employment policy and coordination with important programs such as the Prime Minister’s Employment Program is also planned to facilitate self-employment and rehabilitation of the workers returning from foreign employment.


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