The goal of bringing in one million external tourists to Karnali


Within a year of the tour #visitenepal2020 , the target of bringing in one lakh foreign tourists is taken in Karnali state.

Minister for Industries, Tourism, Forest and Environment of Karnali state, Nandasin Budha said that the target of bringing one lakh tourists to different tourist areas of Karnali state is taken within the visit year.

To make the tour year a success, there is a 31-member tourism promotion committee in Karnali state. The committee, chaired by the Minister for Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment, has been named as a member of the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and the Secretaries of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Planning, security agencies, the Working Committee.

According to the committee chairman and industry minister Budha, so far this year, around 25,000 tourists have entered Karnali state. “We have to bring in 100,000 foreign tourists within the tour year, so far there are around25,000 tourists,” he said.

Stating that it is not possible for the government to fulfill the target of bringing tourists to Karnali state, Minister Budha said that the private sector, government and non-governmental organizations and the media should also play their role.

Stating that there are many tourist areas of Karnali state, he said that it is ironic that it cannot propagate in the world market. He said that the industry, which is a tourism industry, is one of the fastest and most profitable industries in the state of Karnali.

“It is ironic that tourism areas in Karnali state could not be propagated in the world market,” said Minister Budha, adding that it is necessary to take tourism industry in the state as it can get more and more benefits soon. He made it.

On the inauguration day of the tour year, Minister Budha informed that on January 1, ten districts of Karnali state will be brought to Sukkhet by bringing a variety of cultures. He also urged social media users to emphasize related topics to achieve the target of the tour year.

For the tour year 2020, six sub-committees including secretariat have been constituted in Karnali state. These include publicity subcommittee, event management and cultural subcommittee, economic subcommittee, hotel and tracking arrangement committee, human resources and coordination subcommittee.


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