Forge service of Nepal Telecom in Raratal


Kathmandu – 6, December Forge service has been launched in Rara, one of Nepal’s largest lakes and the main tourist destination of Karnali state.A team of Nepal Telecom reached Rara and operated the service. According to Prem Bahadur Chhetri, senior engineer at Nepal Telecom, who has reached the Rara, which has been carrying out forge service in Rara, Mugu, has been operating since Thursday.

A team of four, including senior engineer of Nepal Telecom, is now in the rush to conduct forg services. He said that the telecommunication service was launched at a high speed by targeting Nepal Tour Year-2020

Engineer Chhetri informed that the forgery service, which was taken over by China Communication Services International, was constructed fifteen at Surkhet in Karnali state and two towers at Dailekh were also connected to Rara Lake. The telecom operated the service by placing Forji’s tower at Ruta’s Hutu. According to him, forgery service has been started at 800 MHz.

“Forge service is launched with the purpose of providing easy and fast internet access to the tourists coming to Rara,” said Pokharel, adding, “This service will facilitate the tourists arriving in Rara to use the social network, put photos and videos they have taken on social networks immediately.” Incoming tourists and residents of remote Mugu area will be able to use high speed mobile internet service No.


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