2020 visit nepal 10 places must visit in pokhara

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Phewa Lake

phewa lake fewa tal in nepal formerly called baidam tal.fewa lake is freswater lake in nepal.fewa lake is located in the south of pokhara valley that includespokhara city, part of sarangkot and kaskikot

Its area;4.43km2,catchment area:122.5km2,surface elevation:727m,average depth:8.6m(28ft) max depth:24m(79ft)

you must know: phewa lake tal is the travellers focal point in pokhara and is the second largest lake in nepal

Begnas lake

Begnas lake is the third largest lake of nepal and second largest after phewa lake. Begnas lake is located at pokhara leknath metropolis of kaski district in the southeast of pokhara valley.Begnas lake is fresh water lake

begnas lake is with area of 3.28km2,surface elevation:650m,catchment area:49km2,average depth:6.6m(22ft)

begnas lake is about 10km southeast of pokhara

Devi’s fall

devi’s fall is waterfall the water forms a tunnel after reaching the bottom.on july 31 1961 a swiss couple went swimming woman droned away because of overflow .her body was recovered 3 days later in river’her father wished to name it davids fall after her but changed to devis fall its nepali name is patale chango which means underworld water fall

Gupteshwor mahadev cave

this cave is also mostly visited places of pokhara cave is formed with ample natural lighting and underground waterfall

Rupa lake

rupa lake is also freshwater lake in nepal located in pokhara metropolian city.Its the third biggest lake in pokhara valley of nepal

its area is 1.35km2 surface elevation 600m catchment area:30km2 altitude 600m average depth3m maximum depth6m its about 10 km southeast of pokhara. A total of 36 species of waterbirds have been recorded in the lake

Rara lake

Rara lake is the biggest and deepest fresh water lake in nepal.In september 2007,it was declared aramshar sitecovering 1583ha(6.11sq mi)including surrounding wetland it is the main feature of rara national park

Its max length km(3.2 min) max width 2.7 km(1.7 km min) surface area 1061 ha(2620 acres) average depth 100 m(330 ft)max depth 167 m(548 ft) water volume 10682 m shore length 14 km(8.7 mi) surface elevation 2990 m(9810 ft)

mahendra cave

The cave attracts thousand of tourist every year .It is located in pokhara 16 batulechaur kaski district is the largest lime stone cave.It is the rare example of cave in nepal containing stalagmites and stalactites. A staute of hindu lord siva can be found inside cave

Tal barahi temple

it is a hindu temple of the goddes durga,the prote3ctor of gods it is located in small island on the south eastsection of ohewa lake in pokhara it is also known as lake temple temple is a two story pagoda temple located in the kaski district of the gandaki zone in westerned nepal

santi stupa pokhara

Stupa is a buddist pagoda -style monument on anadu hill of former pumdi bhumdi village development committee in the district of kaski nepal, thousand of tourist visit here it was build as symbol of peace situated at the height of 1100 meters on the anadu hill it provide panoramic view of the annapurna range pokhara city and fewa lake


sarangkot has become a hotspot for paragliding. the village is located on sarangkot mountaian at altitude of 1600m and is renowend for its panoramic himalayan views dhaulagiri annapurna and manaslu as well as down on the pokhara city and phewa lake


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